Complete Wedding Solution for Couples

Your wedding is your big day and one of the most anticipated events in your life. Indian weddings are also such grand affairs and it requires attention to detail to pull everything off. As the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai, we bring rich experience to all aspects of a wedding and give a complete wedding solution for couples, right from planning and arranging the mandap or hall to everything else. You may be having a wedding on budget or a lavish and grand affair. It many be a very private event or one involving hundreds of guests. We are up for all challenges and can deliver total value. This makes us the best wedding planners in Chennai and a leading wedding event management in Chennai.

About This Service

Wedding photography is all about capturing emotions and the moments. It is a big day and there will be so much excitement around. Yet, how do we capture that excitement for posterity? That is where our skill as the best wedding photographers in Chennai comes to the forte. What we offer includes

  • 1) Candid photography as we are the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai
  • 2) Concept photography where the entire wedding revolves around a key concept. You need not worry about creative wedding photography Chennai cost. We can work on any scale and are the best budget wedding photographers in Chennai
  • 3) As leading pre wedding photographers in Chennai, we also bring suggestions of concepts and locations for all pre-wedding shoots.

What You Will Get From This Service

Obviously your wedding is to be remembered for posterity and we bring all the things required to ensure that the memories stay without fading. When you look back over after many years, our services will be remembered as much as the time you spent and the guests who came. So what will you get from Aalam events as the best marriage photographers in Chennai?

  • World class and professional service. We proudly offer the best photography in Chennai and our clients vouch for it.
  • Total photography and videography of all the events and related activities
  • Digital record of the photos and videos
  • Digital photographs and events
  • Large or small prints of the photos per the needs
Our Services

We're Providing The Best Digital Wedding Solution

Our digital wedding solutions are the best. If you are looking for best candid wedding photographers in Chennai or the best wedding photographers in Chennai, we are here for your needs…always!

Wedding Vision

We work with couples and families on the concept and wedding vision.

Photography Event

Complete coverage of all events from start to finish

Interior Decoration

We take care of all the large and small details related to decorations

Wedding Rings

We offer the best wedding ring designs and custom solutions

Event Planner in Chennai

Why Chose us for Wedding Photography in Chennai

Aalam Events is among the well-established professional photographers in Chennai and we have a reputation for great customer service. We listen closely to customers and understand their explicit and implicit needs and come up with superb solutions for any budget.

Hence, we are the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai because we capture the moments and emotions and our clients like our passion and sophistication since we bring the best people and equipment to any project. We also bring a personal approach and offer consultations. Our packages are among the most competitive wedding photography packages Chennai can offer and this makes us not only the best budget wedding photographers in Chennai but also the number 1 wedding photographers in Chennai.

There are very few pre wedding photographers in Chennai and we bring deep experience to this niche also. We understand the personalities of our customers and bring out the vibrance, spark and chemistry. So just Google marriage photographers in Chennai and you are sure to be directed to our website or you can contact us and we can have a personalized consultation session for your needs.