Among the Top Event Management Companies in Chennai

Event management refers to the conception and implementation of large or small scale events. It may be personal events like marriage, anniversaries or any other functions. It can also be professional like corporate get togethers, exhibitions, team building events etc. The main point about events is to understand the concept of people and how they interact and engage. Events must be able to make a strong and positive impression in the minds of people. There may be last minute hiccups or some unforeseen may take place. Professional event organisers in Chennai will be able to handle any such scenario and it may not be available for an event company near me.

Royal Weddings

As leading wedding photographers in Chennai, Aalam Events brings deep knowhow to make your big day spectacular. We help manage all details from big to small, from choice of theme to the catering arrangement. All this makes us the best event organisers in Chennai. Whether you are looking for candid shots or are working on a budget, we can fulfil your every aspiration with the perfectly tailored solution for your needs. We are also recognized as the best wedding planners in Chennai and reputed candid wedding photographers in Chennai.



It is time to let your hair down and party away! It is a well-deserved break for you and be it with friends or employees, Aalam Events is the perfect host for the most astounding parties. We bring precision and organization to all the fun around and we ensure that every touchpoint is perfectly manicured to your specific needs. As the best surprise planners in Chennai, we also bring expertise in handling spot crowds, big events and corporate parties. No wonder we are respected for our skill and capabilities as the best event management company in Chennai.


Corporate Events

Among the top event management companies in Chennai, Aalam Events has a speciality in the genre of corporate events. Whether it is an exhibition, a business promotion exercise, get together of shareholders or employee fun days, we have the organizational capability to pull off any event with elan! As the best event management company in Chennai, we bring professionalism and an exceptional eye for detail. This ensures that all points are addressed at a micro level and we have sufficient back up plans for any exigency or scenario. Need more details or have some ideas? Want to get the positive energy flowing, contact us now



Any event, even if it is a formal event will always have an entertainment component. This is because we as people have emotional needs to fulfil. The nature of this entertainment will vary from event to event and from audience to audience and this expertise is what makes Aalam among the top event management companies in Chennai. From the choice of location to DJs, themes, decorations and entertainers, we bring the complete package and are a one-stop solution for all your needs. We are also the best birthday planners in Chennai and wedding planners in Chennai and bring in the concept of entertainment even to formal events like company anniversaries with live music etc.


Design & Decor

Branding, packaging and decoration are as important as the event itself. If it is a corporate event, then the design and décor must be suitable for the theme and the reflect the values. Similarly, if it is a personal event, the personal brand of the individuals must be brought out and elegance reflected in all aspects of the design and décor. As the best birthday party organisers in Chennai, corporate event management companies in Chennai and photographers in Chennai, we bring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Be it a simple decoration or something grand, we have the freshest ideas and solutions to make you the talk of the town.



Photography is a skill. Whether it is covering an event or candid photography, Aalam events brings the best equipment and personnel to capture all events and nuances in the right frame. It involves detailed discussions with all stakeholders, getting a feel of their needs and expectations and working on a detailed and customized plan. Whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, our approach is different but the passion remains the same. Further, we can cater to all segments and budgets. This unmatched flexibility empowers our customers toc choose what they like best. Whether you are looking for the best budget wedding photographers in Chennai, event organisers in Chennai, birthday event planners Chennai or anything else, we are always ready to serve you.



Depending on the event and audience, the cuisine and food choices are bound to change. But what remains constant is that the food should not only be hygienically prepared and tasty, it should also be fulfilling and nourishing. As the best corporate event planners in Chennai, wedding photographers in Chennai and event organizers in Chennai, we bring the best chefs, food and menu options. Whether your event is running for a day or spread over multiple days, we ensure excellent hospitality, generous servings and of course a matchless service. Need more details, contact us